Basma Rice Mill (Pvt) Ltd.

Manufacturers and Exporters of Rice Products.
ISO 9001 : 2003 Certified
HACCP Certified.

We specialise in the export of different qualities of Basmati rice from brown, de-husked, sorted and graded Basmati rice to parboiled and raw-milled 100% sorted and graded qualities. Basmati rice exported by Basma Rice Mills has a unique aroma and special taste compared to other specialised brands worldwide.

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Product Information

We specialise in the export of different qualities of Basmati rice from brown, de-husked, sorted and graded Basmati rice to par-boiled and raw-milled 100% sorted and graded qualities. Basmati rice exported by Basma Rice Mills has a unique aroma and special taste compared to other specialised brands worldwide.


Quality Control

Quality is strategic to our strength. We have a strong commitment towards providing homogeneous quality to our buyers. which is why quality management in the company starts at the grassroots level and continues till the product finally reaches the consumer. Quality control processes are religiously adhered to in order to ensure uniformity.


Quality Control Through Procurements

We select the best farmers in the rice growing area of Punjab. Our field staff constantly monitors paddy fields from sowing to harvesting. They advise the farmers on the correct application of fertilisers.and pesticides to produce healthy grains of rice without chemical residue.


Quality Control System

Samples are drawn during different stages of processing and milling at regular hourly intervals


Quality Control Through Grading & Colour Sorting

The grading system consists of five graders installed in three different stages of milling and processing.


Custom Branding and Packaging

Our expertise is restricted not only to providing excellent quality Basmati rice.


Profile & Introduction

BASMA RICE MILLS (PVT) LTD., an ISO 9001 : 2008 (Quality Management System), 14001 : 2004 (Environmental Management System) certified & HACCP Specification accredited is one of the largest and most modern rice milling, processing and packing units in Pakistan. It is located about half an hour’s drive from Lahore International Airport & city center at 22 Kilometer, Ferozepur Road.


is our Trademark with above logo registered in our name by the Intellectual Property Organization (IPO), Trade Marks Registry of the Government of Pakistan.

The Mills is equipped with the state of art machinery comprising of its own dryers to control the moisture content of paddy at milling stage followed by pre-cleaners, de-stoners at paddy stage, and set of whiteners to ensure homogeneous whiteness of rice. The Mills is also equipped with two complete processing lines comprising of three stage graders, sifters, reels for rejection and shriveled grains, pneumatic and silky polish machines, length / width graders for providing homogeneous length of rice & color sorter for sorting of damaged grains. We also have custom built fumigation chambers to ensure proper fumigation of rice both at raw and finished stages. Needless to state that our quality control laboratory fully equipped with the latest tools required to control quality of rice both at milling and processing / packing stage is fully energized and backed by the staff well experienced in the field of rice quality control. Apart from regular sampling and analysis both before milling and during processing stages, all lots are subject to cooking tests. In addition, we obtain DNA testing of Brown Basmati Rice from National Institute for Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering (NIBGE) and AFLATOXIN testing from Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR) or alternatively from Nuclear Institute for Agriculture & Biology (NIAB). We have storing capacity of 6000 m. tons within the Mills premises warehouse. The warehouses built to World Bank Food Program requirement ensure aging of rice under controlled conditions. We ensure complete elimination of weevil in our Mills premises by regular fumigation.
BASMA is member of various prestigious associations including that of Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP), Lahore Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) etc.

Commodities & Description

1- Super Basmati Brown, White & Parboiled Rice
2- Basmati Rice (PK 385 etc.) White & Parboiled.
3- Non-Basmati Rice (IRRI-9, KS-282, Kainat - 1122 etc.) both White & Parboiled.
Our processed Rice Super Basmati Brown or White is free from infestation, fungus /aflatoxin and free from genetically modified organisms, Dry grains of de-husked rice, cleaned, color sorted and graded prior to packing.
We are mainly engaged in the export of Super Basmati Brown Rice to various corporates in Europe for more than 17 years and the quantities exported are substantially large. We are willing to take the challenge of quality specs, as we are meeting with the European criteria in this regard.

Finished Products

Finished product standards to conform to the parameters below:

• Product to be free from odor and taint and to produce cooked rice of excellent organoleptic properties and of a clean white appearance when milled.
• Rice is guaranteed free from all GM material and contaminants.
• Rice is free from the presence of the 14 Major Sensible (food) Allergens.
• Rice Conforms to all aspects of the EU & UK Food Regulations.



Post production and before stuffing into containers a suitable effective fumigation treatment is carried out without fail that is legally allowed in Pakistan. This treatment is formally recorded and periodically verified as being effective. The rice is also to be fumigated with correct levels of Aluminum Phosphide once stuffed and loaded into containers, prior to the containers being loaded onto the vessel. All containers are to be loaded onto the vessel with the Aluminum Phosphide still in the container.

Specification Verification

Pre-shipment inspections to be carried out by an international agency of repute and only on approval should the shipment proceed at buyers cost. Approval or otherwise should simultaneously be advised to seller and buyer by the Agency. All of our shipments to Europe & EU are subject to clearance from either Cotecna, Eurofins or SGS and therefore, it is our normal routine to get our consignments approved by internationally accepted Quality Control Agencies.

Marketing & Export

The key products marketed include local bulk trade of rice, export of brown Basmati rice, export of Basmati & Non-Basmati white rice, export of parboiled rice, export of branded rice and facilitating branding for customers, which include concept development, printing & packaging.The markets created by BASMA include satisfied customers in Australia, UK, Holland, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, Spain, USA, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Mauritius, Seychelles etc.

Procurement, Transportation & Storage

The procurement process is the key element in ensuring a successful operation of rice business. We have developed an extensive & systematic infrastructure to ensure timely & qualitative procurement of the commodities. For this purpose, we have made arrangements with the key market makers for the rates as well as with the major rice dealers; thus ensuring timely & quality sourcing. The entire procurement process is physically supervised by our trained Purchasers and quality Analyst equipped with modern handy instruments followed by approval / confirmation from our in house state of the art Laboratory.
Transportation constitutes as a major external cost component in the rice business cycle. As an important cost control measure, we have made arrangements with the local Husking Units for husking as well as storage facilities in the catchment areas of the rice markets. Husking & basic cleaning activity close to the procurement location ensures that the quantities are reduced by more than 30% in volume load that needs to be carried to our premises for onward processing, finishing & export. The storage facilities made available at our disposal close to the procurement location also play a vital role in ensuring maximum holding capacity along with safeguarding the crop against deterioration in quality due to climatic hazards. The storage facility also allows us the necessary flexibility to hold the product while synchronizing the production capacity with the delivery / sales requirements.

Management Ability

The business management is the key factor of success and therefore, BASMA has a dedicated team of professionals who have years of experience under their arm which is ably supported by layers of an operating team in the chain of procurement, production & marketing process. We have launched brands in the international market, which are doing pretty well. Moreover, the brand introduction is not the only job and we are well aware how to keep the brand popular with ever growing demand in the market. BASMA has achieved marvelous results in a short period of time & now this company is the market leader in the export of Brown Rice to Europe & white polished superior quality rice to nearly all rice consuming countries.


BASMATI – The superior quality rice

The Basmati Rice is one of the most favorite cereals consumed by people around the globe. The word Basmati was derived from combination of two words i.e., BAS means fragrance and MATI means soil (earth). The grains are longer & straight in look, but there seems to be a curve at the bottom of grain & near to its tip. Some of the grains are not pointed and the tips appear to be round besides, if the grain is looked at from its head, the portion of lower end from where it grows, seems to be little broken. The smaller grains show visible curve and are little thicker at their tips and slightly thinner at head. Some of the grains are translucent. Aged Rice is 1 – 2 years old and as the moisture evaporates, the naturally present oil spreads throughout the grain delivering its distinct flavor. The cooking of aged Basmati rice yields long grain rice, which grows twice its length giving nice aroma and excellent taste. Each grain of rice is a complete package of nutrition, which provides health and energy. It is no wonder that more than half of the world’s population is dependent on rice as their staple diet. In fact, rice alone is capable of supplying 80% of the body’s daily nutritional requirements. The healthful and gluten free grain is one of the best source of complex carbohydrates, the high energy fuel that powers the body. Although rice lacks a few essential amino acids to make it a complete protein rich diet, yet this deficiency is compensated when eaten with small portion of animal or vegetable protein. Rice is a light food and is easy to digest. .

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